Personalize and protect your diving unit


Adhesive top layers to personalize and protect your diving unit. Be seen underwater and by the water. Add your name, logo or picture. 



These waterproof, thick, PU-adhesive top layers are scratch-resistant that not only protects your backplate against signs of use (pits, bumps, scratches, ...), but also protects the colors of your design against UV rays.

The top layer of the sticker also ensures that your backplate has grip on smooth surfaces. (deck of a boat)

The thickness of the sticker also provides an extra insulating effect for the scrubbers.



Own your diving unit. Add your name, logo or make your own design. 

  1. We make a custom design for you, follow the steps to get to your own design. Start by filling in the order form
  2. Receive your online proof. Give your feedback (1 round) and/or approve. 
  3. Your top layer is ready for production. The production takes a bit of time (hardening of the material).
  4. Delivery of your sticker. Follow the instructions to stick it on your backplate.

Questions? Mail us! 



Be seen underwater and by the water. 

With this adhesive top layer you create awareness for your (personal) brand. A great conversation starter to talk about your club, product or business.

For other branding or marketing inquiries: 

Go Wild


Who are we? 


Hi, we are Pieter & Kimberly. 

  • Diving couple since 2008. 
  • Based in Belgium, but love to travel. 
  • We've got engaged underwater in Lanzarote.
  • Like exploring seas, wrecks, quarries. Pieter also loves caves and mines.
  • Both rEvo rebreather divers.  


We've partnered up with Go Ocean. 

Go Ocean wants to support and accelerate the restoration of coastlines and marine ecosystems, promote the resilience of our oceans against threats like climate change, and protect marine wildlife habitats. 

What do we do? 

For every protective top layer you buy we give back to this reef restoration project in Bali. Our goal is to plant as many coral fragments as possible. 

You can follow the impact of your contribution on the impact platform.  Let's give back together and explore more.